Shoreline Development

You MUST have a permit to do any alteration of the shoreline (berms, tree removal, etc.) Guidelines and Application forms can be found here.

At this time, the RM of Lake Lenore does not require a permit to install docks. However, written permission must be obtained from the Council for anyone wishing to place any type of improvement on Municipal/Public Reserve including temporary docks. Council retains the right to remove any such improvements where written permission has not been obtained.

Municipal Reserve is open for all of the public to enjoy. Municipal Reserve has the purpose of keeping natural areas within a development. Council asks that everyone leave the Municipal Reserve in its natural state. If you wish to clean up dead fall, please provide a written request that includes pictures of the work to be completed and submit to Council for approval. There are to be NO trees cut or paths cleared through any Muncipal or Public Reserve lands without written permission from Council.