Public Works

Road Maintenance


The municipality owns three graders. Grading roads is done on a regular rotation basis with high traffic roads receiving first priority. Council’s intention is to cover all roads in the municipality approximately every 10 days. However, extreme wet and dry conditions may alter the frequency of grading. The grader operators together with the councillors coordinate grading. The ratepayer’s first line of contact is with their division councillor.

In the spring, seasonal roads will be opened once the Spring storms are believed to be over and the graders are able to be on those roads. The graders are heavy and the seasonal roads are soft in the spring so it may take some time before the operators are able to clear these roads.

Custom Work Rates:

The charge for grading OFF ROAD municipal road is $175/hr with a minimum charge of $43.75 plus applicable taxes. OFF ROAD includes driveways, bin yards and fields.

The charge for grading REGULAR municipal road is $125/hr with a minimum charge of $43.75 plus applicable taxes. REGULAR road includes seasonal roads.


The councillors assess their gravel needs each year and are assigned a budget amount. The council then decides where the priorities are for gravel and applies gravel to those roads. The municipality has a gravel pit within the municipality and hires a contractor to apply the gravel.

The municipality DOES NOT sell gravel at this time.


The municipality owns two tractors and mowers that are used to cut municipal right of ways on the grid roads. Time permitting, the roads have a top cut done in early summer and then a complete cut that is concluded in the fall.