Bylaw No. 6/2021 – To Amend Zoning bylaw changing 15 residents to 20 residents

Bylaw No. 5/2021 – To establish Mill Rate Factors (Repealed Bylaw No.3/2020)

Bylaw No. 4/2021 – To  Amend Zoning bylaw adding Storage and Warehousing

Bylaw No. 3/2021 – To Amend Zoning bylaw Map

Bylaw No. 2/2021 – To Amend OCP

Bylaw No. 1/2021 – To Establish Property Tax incentives And Penalties

Bylaw No. 4/2020– Building Bylaw

Bylaw No.3/2020 -To establish Mill Rate Factors (Repealed Bylaw No.4/2019)

Bylaw No. 2/2020 -To Provide Base Amount of Tax (Repealed Bylaw N0.3/2019)

Bylaw No.1/2020– To Provide Minimum Amount of Tax (Repealed Bylaw No.2/2019)

Bylaw No.7/2019– Business Licence Bylaw

Business Licence Application Form

Bylaw No.1/2019 – Requiring All Tax Payers to Have Fire Call Out Insurance on Property

Bylaw No.11/2018-To Regulate Lagoon Usage by Non-Taxpayers (Amendment Bylaw No.10/2008)

Bylaw No.9/2018 -To Regulate Operation of Vehicles (Amendment Bylaw No.6/2011)

Bylaw No.8/2018 – Fire Protection Services (Amendment Bylaw No.3/1994)

Bylaw No. 3.3 /2018 – Zoning Bylaw

Bylaw 10-2011 Zoning Bylaw

Bylaw No. 3/2018 – To Fix the Rates to be Charged for the Use and Consumption of Water and Sewer

Bylaw No. 9/2017– Snow Removal Bylaw

Street and Sidewalks Priority Map – Snow Removal Priority Map

Bylaw 8-2015 Nuisance Abatement Bylaw – Nuisance Bylaw

Bylaw No.4/2012 – To Provide for the Numbering of Houses and other Buildings

Bylaw No.12/2011 – To Provide and Regulate Utility Management

Zoning District Map

Bylaw No.4/2010 – To Establish Property Tax Incentives and Penalties

Bylaw No.7/2005 – To Regulate & Control the Possession of Dogs within the Village

Bylaw No.3-99 – To Regulate The Running At Large Of Dogs and Cats

Bylaw 7-1996  – To  prohibit certain activities NOISE BYLAW

Development Permit – This permit MUST be filled out and sent to the administration office for council approval. There is to be no construction until the council has approved the permit.