Assessment & Taxation Information

2019 Assessment


Information on assessment and revaluation of properties can be found on the SAMA website.


The Council for the Town of St. Brieux utilizes tax tools in accordance with legislation in The Municipalities Act.

Information on tax tools can be found on the website.

Municipal Property Tax Tools

2019: The Town of St. Brieux has set the mill rate by resolution of 8.9 mills.

In addition to the mill rate, the Council also uses a mill rate factor, set by bylaw of: Residential 0.82, Commercial 1.02 & Agricultural 1.0

Residential Property Minimum Tax
Land Only $610
Improvements Only $1335
Land & Improvements $1335

Council has chosen to use a minimum tax for residential properties because all properties in Town have the same amenities and services. Council feels this is a fair and equitable rate of taxation.

Commercial Property Base Tax
Land Only $610
Improvements Only $900
Land & Improvements $900

Commercial properties are a bit of a challenge as we have small and large commercial. In order to apply tax tools effectively Council has implemented a base tax.

For more information please contact our Administration office.