Mayor’s Message

A message from…….

Leon Rheaume, Mayor for Town of St. Brieux

Welcome to the Town of St. Brieux’s website. I hope that you find it informative and interesting.

If this is your first time hearing about St. Brieux you will be amazed at the activity of this Town of 600 residents. To start, we are very lucky to have very successful world class agricultural manufacturers that have provided jobs and growth to our community for over 35 years. Many other businesses have also sprung up from the effects of these large industries. This has been key in keeping our young families here as well as attracting new ones.

Just one mile west of St. Brieux lies beautiful St. Brieux Regional Park and Golf Course. This year celebrates the Park’s 40th year and the Golf Course’s 30th year. We are very proud of this park that has been built on the backs of our very committed volunteer base.

St. Brieux is considered a very friendly and caring community. It’s residents have always been very independent and resourceful. Whether you live here or just come for a visit I am sure you will be delighted.

Our office phone number is 275-2257, or if you have any questions we are located at 110 Main Street.